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Novedades flamencas 2024 en tejidos

Si hay un tejido clásico que nos representa, es nuestro modelo Natasha. Un crespón que ha recorrido medio mundo, gracias a su caída y movimiento.

Pero… ¿Qué le hace tan especial?

Como ya hemos mencionado, se trata de un crep con mucha caída y movimiento. Es capaz de dar a las prendas un aire auténticamente flamenco, realzando su fluidez.

Además, desde hace unos años, hemos mejorado nuestros modelos, dándole un tacto más suave y un color más mate.

Todo ello lo convierte en una tela de lo más versátil, que puede servirnos tanto para traje de flamenca, romería como baile, gracias a la naturaleza del mismo crespón.

Veamos los nuevos estampados de esta temporada:

Estampado de Flores

Se trata del modelo NATASHA, referencia 00774/51. Un estampado de flores de aproximadamente 10 cm. y disponible sobre 3 distintas bases.

En este caso hablamos del modelo NATASHA, referencia 00774/52 con estampado de flores de distintos tamaños. Disponible sobre 3 distintas bases.

Estampado de Flores y Lunares

Este año también hemos incorporado la combinación de estampados de flores y lunares que tanto gusta, sobre nuestro NATASHA, referencia 00774/53. Disponible también sobre 3 distintas bases y estampados en distintos tamaños.

Estampado de Lunares

Cerramos este repaso a las novedades sobre NATASHA, con un nuevo lunar de 5,50 cm. de diámetro. Referencia: 00773/97.

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Imagen de portada: Imagen de Freepik

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Designs and fabrics for festive and protest banners

Our printing service is capable of creating real wonders, as we have seen many times before. Unique confections that give a plus to the finished product.

But thanks to our 150 cm wide fabrics, we can also create other types of products, such as placards:

Our recommendation for making placards because of their quality/price ratio is indoubtedly the BASICO STRECH model:

Tela de strech plana de poliéster color blanco crudo.

BASICO STRECH. Reference: 00032-0101. Polyester flat stretch fabric. Colour: Ecru.

BASICO STRECH. Reference: 00032-0001. Polyester flat stretch fabric. Colour: White.

The other great option for placards is our BASICO MOMO. A non-fraying fabric, lighter to wear and more economical.

BASICO MOMO. Reference: 00063-0001. Plain weave fabric. Colour: White.

BASICO MOMO. Reference: 00063-0101. Plain weave fabric. Colour: Ecru.

However, there are multiple bases with which to print placards. Here are 2 examples to get 2 very different effects:

TORA. Reference: 00470-0001. Very drapey crepe fabric. Colour: White.

This fabric will help us to make fluid placards with movement and light weight.

BASE PARA ESTAMPAR. ARTÍCULO NAO. Reference: 03846. Twill weave. 

On the other hand, this more rigid base will allow us to produce more full-bodied placards.

Get ready for the different demands that are coming up, such as those of March 8th, climate actions or the demand for LGTBIQ+ rights.

Photo by Vincent M.A. Janssen de Pexels.

If you have any questions or want more information about our fabrics, consult sales agent or contact our customer service team!.

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Cover image: Created by Artificial Intelligence through the Microsoft Bing's image generator.

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Fabrics for the Fallas

Beyond the Fallera costumes, every self-respecting Valencian knows exactly how to dress for the Fallas:

The truth is that the dress code for the Fallas in Valencia is quite casual, as it is a popular festival that takes place in the street. People usually wear comfortable and casual clothes, such as jeans and comfortable shoes.

But in no case can the Fallas scarf be missing, a key piece of traditional Fallas attire.

Not only because it is an ornamental and traditional element, but also because it will help to protect us from the smoke.

We complete this traditional dress with the Fallas blouse:

The Fallas blouse, is also a traditional garment used in the Fallas of Valencia.

This is a wide shirt, usually with long sleeves, which may be decorated with embroidery and other details to make it distinctive.

What fabrics will we use in the Fallas?

For years, Ravial has had a selection of classics that are ideal for these festivities. We review them, starting with the basics for the Fallas scarf:

Likewise, for the Fallas blouse, tenemos varias opciones, entre las cuales proponemos:

POPELIN COLOR. Reference: 00150-0002. Polyester and cotton fabric. 

Cold weather shawl

Many women, to protect themselves from the cold of the night, complete their costumes with jacquard shawls lined with fleece to cover the shoulders and neckline.

Jacquard for babies

Many parents choose to dress their newborns or babies who are still in prams with a little Fallas detail, such as a skirt or a little shawl.

For all those parents in love with their children and tradition, this selection is for them:

EPOCA IMAGINE. Reference: 00460-0302. Embroidered jacquard fabric.

EPOCA LENON. Reference: 00462-0101. Embroidered jacquard fabric.

If you have any questions or want more information about our fabrics, consult sales agent or contact our customer service team!.

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Imagen de portada: Foto de Marcelo at Unsplash

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Fabrics and costume ideas

Although the comparsas already have all their costumes planned - and executed - at this stage of the year, the rest of the population is already starting to look for ideas to dress up in this coming Carnival.

That's why today we present a series of ideas to be prepared:

Individual Costumes

Resorting to a mythological being or a god of antiquity is always a great choice. A costume that can be as complicated (or as simple) as we want it to be:

Greek Goddess

Image by Pikisuperstar at Freepik

Aztec God

Photo of Pitt Rom at Pexels.

Mythological creature

Photo by Vika Glitter at Pexels.

For the first one, we will resort to the basic white and gold, to give a sophisticated touch to our costume. Greek Goddess.

HALEY. Reference: 00212-0001. Fine chiffon fabric.

PAOLA. Reference: 00243-0507. Crystal organza fabric.

For the second costume, we will opt for metallic fabrics.

FANTASIA MARION. Reference: 03557-0507. Lamé fabric adorned with another layer of metallic thread.

FANTASIA FREDI. Reference: 04062-0507. Metallic pleated fabric. Canalé.

TULES GENOVEVA. Reference: 04101-0507. Shiny net fabric, not too stiff.

We close this review of individual costume ideas by travelling to the magical world of mythological creatures. A place to recreate beautiful creatures:

Costumes by Couple

It is about dressing up together with your partner, friend or sibling. A solution that can be used both as an individual or combined costume. Here are some ideas:

Pirates and Vikings

Photo by Anyana Webb of Pexels.


Photo by Antonio Friedemann of Pexels.

Hindu divinities

Photo by Soumajit Adhya of Pexels.

For the pirate costume we can resort to velvet suits. And for the Viking costume, fur fabrics. Leatherette is a good option for both.

For the second, we will use a distinguished jacquard for her and a twill for him.

Finally, for Indian-inspired costumes we will use satin, animal print fabrics and some sequins to decorate them.

RASO PREMIER. Reference: 01138-0004. Satin fabric with little drape.

ANIMALIA RENO. Reference: 00828-1030. Short fur fabric. Animal print (Leopard).

FANTASIA SURMA. Reference: 03779-0004. Stretch tulle fabric adorned with sequins.

Group costumes

In addition to the troupes, there are also those group costumes with which to dress up our children, as well as families or groups of friends. Here are some ideas for all ages:


Photo by Liliana Drew of Pexels.

Fantastic creatures

Photo by cottonbro studio of Pexels.

Wizard or witch

For the first, we will opt for soft and pile fabrics, plain and printed.

ANIMALIA BUBU. Reference: 03114-0205. Long pile fabric of 5 cm.

ANIMALIA REA. Reference: 01108-0004. Very soft curly fur fabric.

For the second, we will opt for singular fabrics that give meaning to our fantastic being:

FANTASIA PACHA. Reference: 04141-0206. Double fabric weave on rigid lamé.

FANTASIA ICON. Reference: 04145/02-0507. Tulle adorned with round and elongated sewn sequins.

FANTASIA BREVE. Reference: 04142-0004. Shiny patent leather stretch fabric.

We close this selection with one of the favourites of the little ones. The magical worlds of witches and wizards.

RASO PREMIER. Reference: 01138-0002. Satin fabric with little drape.

BASICO STRECH. Reference: 00032-0004. Satin fabric with little drape.

BASICO STRECH ESTP. Reference: 00079/33-0002. Polyester fabric with printed stars.

Movie costumes

We finish this analysis with a review of the year's cinematic hits, synonymous with the costumes we will see on the streets this year:


#MargotRobbie and #RyanGosling patinando en el rodaje de Barbie. *Los patines viene por separado*. 🌈💛 #peliculas #rodaje🎬 #ken #barbie #margotrobbie #ryangosling

♬ Barbie Girl – Aqua

Of course, we start with Barbie, one of the undisputed success stories of 2023, where pink has taken over the world.

For this purpose, we have developed some very special prints:

ZUMBA DANCE FLUOR. Reference: 03868/06-0011. Knitted fabric with abstract print. Printed with fluorine ink.

We continue with an end-of-year premiere that is sure to fill the streets with its chocolaty spirit: Willy Wonka.

For this, we have several options:

VELVET CAMBRAI. Reference: 00836-0901. Polyester velvet fabric.

SLASTIC. Reference: 00096-0410. Stretch velvet fabric. Soft and very adaptable.

We conclude this film review with another box-office success: Super Mario Bros. A real sensation that will be back on the streets once again this year.

For this, we can opt for normal or foam fabrics, depending on the character you want to give to the costume.

POPPY1. Reference: 01929-0328. Denim fabric with cotton, polyester and elastane.

BASICO ALVEDRO. Reference: 00646-0307. Stretch knitted fabric.

If you have any questions or want more information about our fabrics, consult sales agent or contact our customer service team!.

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Imagen de portada: Foto de Quino Al at Unsplash

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Communion 2024: Which fabrics to use?

When it comes to fashion, keeping up to date with what's new allows us to choose the most suitable models for our little ones. And while communion fashion always tends towards classic models, today we want to scan the market to find out what's in store for 2024.

For Girl

Updated Vintage

One trend we clearly see is the revisiting of those classic communion dresses:

To do this, we use delicate lace, elegant embroidery and classic cuts that seek to merge with modern details, such as floral belts or subtle colours, to add sophistication and elegance.

TULES RANYA. Reference: 01268-0001. Very soft lace fabric with lace finish.

Minimalist elegance

Another trend we clearly expect in 2024 is clean lines and minimalist designs.

These are dresses that stand out for their simplicity, highlighting the natural beauty of the protagonist. For this, we use soft materials and simple silhouettes.

SEGRE. Reference: 04029-0001. Embroidered and perforated batiste fabric with branches.

URBION. Reference: 04027-0001. Embroidered batiste fabric with hemstitch stripes and embroidered flowers and branches. Perforated.

REINOSA. Reference: 04030-0001. Embroidered batiste fabric perforated with flowers.

PAROS. Reference: 04014-0001. Embroidered and perforated cotton batiste fabric.

Adding a touch of colour

White is, indisputably, the traditional colour for communion dresses. However, this year we see a clear trend where touches of colour are incorporated.

Details in shades of pink, beige, blue or purple give the design a sweet touch and originality, without losing that pure and innocent essence.

PAOLA. Reference: 00243-0804. Crystal organza fabric.

DIVA. Reference: 00368-1003. Natural silk fabric.

For Boy

Following on from the fabric trends, we move on to men's fashion, with two clear trends: the traditional suits of a lifetime (whether sailor or suit jackets) or a more modern version of these, exploring new fabrics and cuts.

In any case, the communion suit for boys usually consists of several parts, such as jacket, trousers, shirt, tie and shoes. These suits are usually made of cotton, linen and knitted fabrics, as they are comfortable and allow freedom of movement.

Let's look at a few options:

GAEL. Reference: 04055-0204. Plain weave fine gabardine fabric.

POPELIN COLOR. Reference: 00150-0328. Polyester and cotton fabric. 

If you have any questions or want more information about our fabrics, consult sales agent or contact our customer service team!.

Please note that our opening hours are Monday to Thursday from 08:00 to 18:00 and Friday from 08:00 to 14:00.

Cover image: Wikimedia Commons

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Bride 2024: Fabrics on trend

There is no dress more special than a wedding dress. A choice that is made out of love and illusion, to generate incredible memories.

Today we discover what fabric options we have that will be on trend this new season:

Romantic embroidery

Photo by Jonathan Borba at Unsplash

Embroidered fabrics are a perfect choice to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to wedding dresses.

We can add details on the sleeve and/or back or, as in the picture, cover the whole dress. It will depend on whether we want to give it a more boho or romantic touch.

Whatever the case, embroidered details are capable of creating beautiful designs that enhance the beauty of the bride.

Although we find embroideries with geometric or abstract .designs, the embroideries that are generally used for the wedding dress are floral.

At Ravial, we have a selection of the most exquisite embroideries, let's discover them!

SIDRO. Reference: 04179-0102. Embroidered tulle fabric. Finished in flowers. Colour: ivory.

IBIZA. Reference: 04011-0101. Embroidered tulle fabric. Colour: Ecru.

RUT. Reference: 01195/2-0102. Fine fabric finished with lace on both sides. Colour: Ivory.

Classic style

Photo by Fallon Michael at Unsplash

While it is true that the simple and classic cut dresses never go out of fashion, this new season we are seeing a trend back-to-classics.

This is a timeless and sophisticated choice for those brides who wish to capture the essence of romance and elegance on their big day.

These dresses have simple, flowing lines with an A-line or empire cut, although they can also be found in mermaid or princess cuts.

They are ideal for brides who are looking for a traditional and elegant gown who want to enhance femininity and create an ethereal and charming image.

These types of dresses are usually very flattering as they exalt the figure, elongating it and enhancing curves.

These dresses are often detailed with embroidery or rhinestones, to give a more personal touch.

In this case, we will opt for our wedding fabric by excellence: the ARANCHA model..

ARANCHA. Reference: 01137-0001. Bridal satin. Colour: White.

ARANCHA. Reference: 01137-0101. Bridal satin. Colour: Ecru.

ARANCHA. Reference: 01137-0802. Bridal satin. Colour: Beige.

Continuing with classic cuts, there are also 3 fabrics that, although they do not have as much body, will allow us to create timeless outfits, especially in princess style.

NIDIA. Reference: 02568-0001. Elastic angel leather. Colour: White.

SORAYA. Reference: 00138-0101. Satin fabric with a lot of drape. Angel skin. Colour: Ecru.

DIVA. Reference: 00368-0904. Natural silk fabric. Colour: Pale pink.

Foaming effect

In recent times we are seeing a growing trend for voluminous wedding dresses.

They are perfect for brides who want to look elegant and stunning on their big day.

These dresses, with their voluminous skirts and flowing movement,add a touch of romance and sophistication to any wedding style. Either with layers of tulle, petticoats or strategically placed ruffles, voluminous wedding dresses create a stunning and memorable silhouette.

Furthermore, they offer the opportunity to play with different styles and embellishments,such as lace, embroidery or jewellery, to add even more charm and personality to the dress.

We start by recreating our costume with our ILLUSION TULLE, a fabric that will allow us to give volume to the skirt..

TUL ILUSION. Reference: 00652-0001. Fine tulle, ideal for brides. Colour: White.

We can add more volume - or complete our dress - by adding a cancan underneath the layers of tulle.

ORGANDI FLAMENCA. Reference: 01496-0101. Cancan. Colour: Ecru.

We close this suit with a very singular body: . a fine taffeta,which we can decorate with lace or guipure

PALMA. Reference: 01799-0101. Fine taffeta fabric. Colour: Ecru.

Breaker style

Photo by Jonathan Borba at Unsplash

A final trend seen in recent years is the desire to break with everything.

Search for fabrics, textures and patterns that go beyond the established,to create wedding dresses that are closer to prêt-à-porter, than to bridal fashion.

Usually, brides who want a modern and sophisticated, look are looking for clean and minimalist lines.

They are dresses that create a sophisticated and avant-garde look and usually have straight cuts, geometric details and light fabrics such as crepe or organza.

Another trend is to opt for dresses withunusual colours, asymmetrical cuts or eye-catching applications,which reflect the bride's unique personality and create a truly original style.

MESHDANCE. Reference: 02633-0001. Tulle with elastane. Colour: White.

FIESTA OBBA. Reference: 04139-0004. Lycra bielastic with sewn sequins. Colour: Red.

BLONDA RANYA. Reference: 01266-0002. Elastic lace fabric. Colour: Black.

If you have any questions or want more information about our fabrics, consult sales agent or contact our customer service team!.

Please note that our opening hours are Monday to Thursday from 08:00 to 18:00 and Friday from 08:00 to 14:00.

Imagen de portada: Foto de Jeremy Wong Weddings at Unsplash

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December Schedule

During the month of December the company will be closed on the following days:

  • 7 and 8 December,on the day of the Spanish Constitution and the Day of the Immaculate Conception.
  • From 25 December to 1 January (both included), due to staff rest for the Christmas holidays.

We apologize for any possible inconvenience caused.

We would like to remind you that our website will remain open and at your service.You will be able to make your purchases and reserve your material there.The material will be prepared on the first working day after the respective holidays.

The entire Ravial team wishes you a happy holiday season and a successful 2024.

Cover image: Photo by Jonathan Borba.

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Fabrics for the Three Kings' parade

The arrival of cold weather announces one of the best moments of the year: the Three Wise Men's parade! Seeing the excited faces of the little ones is priceless. And it fills our hearts to know that we are part of that magic with our fabrics.

That's why today we have analysed their fabrics and carriages, to try to guess what their majesties will surprise us with this year.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.

How do the Three Wise Men dress?

The Three Wise Men's parades are celebrated in Spain every 5th January, on the eve of Three Kings' Day. This tradition has its origins in the arrival of the Three Wise Men from the East to adore the baby Jesus. The celebration consists of a parade through the streets of towns and villages, where the Three Wise Men hand out sweets and gifts to the children.

During the parade, the Three Wise Men are dressed in colourful and elegant costumes. Melchior wears a red tunic and a white beard, Gaspar wears a green tunic and Balthazar wears a purple tunic. In addition, each wears a crown on his head and rides in a decorated carriage or chariot, accompanied by pages and attendants.

True to tradition, we are likely to see similar styles this year:

Fabrics for the Kings

Their Majesties usually wear velvet capes, wrapped with a fur cloak.

VELVET CAMBRAI. Reference: 00836-0010.

VELVET CAMBRAI. Reference: 00836-0701.

VELVET CAMBRAI. Reference: 00836-0410.

ANIMALIA BUBU. Reference: 03114-0001.

ANIMALIA PELUSO. Reference: 00716-0001.

BASICO POLAR. Reference: 00B28-0001.

And to complete the look, their Majesties will need to wear gold, a colour they love, for their bodies. These are our suggestions:

EPOCA TANGER. Reference: 00241/3-0507.

EPOCA BEGET. Reference: 04091-0507.

EPOCA PEDRAZA. Reference: 03602-0308.

Fabrics for the Pages

The Royal Pages are the ones who accompany the Three Wise Men, helping them in all the tasks of the magical night. They help to carry the presents, spread joy and transmit the magical spirit wherever they go.

As for their costumes, they are just as colourful and flashy.

FIESTA PARTY. Reference: 00789-0302.

FIESTA COCTEL. Reference: 00685-0705.

FIESTA ERESTOR. Reference: 00788-1005.

Fabrics for Carriages

The carriages are usually wrapped in colourful fabrics and filled with gifts.

For this purpose, we recommend to Your Majesties our assortment of rigid or paper fabrics:

FANTASIA JADA. Reference: 03313/03-0004.

FANTASIA KUBRIC C. Reference: 00B26-0901.

CHAROL IBOR. Reference: 03105-0006.

FANTASIA ZOCO. Reference: 02744-0302.

FANTASIA ZETA. Reference: 02743-0010.

FANTASIA JANEIRO. Reference: 03077/05-0507.

FANTASIA TILION. Reference: 00277-0705.

FANTASIA BAMBY. Reference: 04162-0507.

FANTASIA OROZCO. Reference: 04082-0006.

If you have any questions or want more information about our fabrics, consult sales agent or contact our customer service team!.

Please note that our opening hours are Monday to Thursday from 08:00 to 18:00 and Friday from 08:00 to 14:00.

Cover image: Wikimedia Commons.

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New Carnival Collection 2024: ethnic fabrics

We close the Carnival 2024 novelties with one last capsule: ethnic fabrics. An already classic selection in Ravial, with which we can to make a multitude of costumes, as well as regional costumes, handcrafts and decorations.

These are cotton fabrics, available in a variety of designs:

Complementing this novelty are the also new models ETNICO COMANCHE and ETNICO CHEROKEE:

And if what we want is a finite but ethnic solution, this novelty is ideal:

If you have any questions or want more information about our fabrics, consult sales agent or contact our customer service team!.

Please note that our opening hours are Monday to Thursday from 08:00 to 18:00 and Friday from 08:00 to 14:00.

Imagen de portada: Foto de Mika Baumeister at Unsplash

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New Carnival Collection 2024: epoca fabrics

We begin the final stage of the presentation of the new collection with the noblest fabrics. Textiles that can be used to make, for example, the classic Venetian costumes. Let's get started:

Tulle fabric

We begin this journey with a tulle embroidered with metallic thread. A solution that will give us a delicate and elegant look:

FIESTA MAUI. Reference: 04074-0206. Tulle fabric embroidered with metallic thread.
FIESTA MAUI. Reference: 04074-0507. Tulle fabric embroidered with metallic thread.

Jacquard fabric

We continue to explore novelties with a large variety of jacquards. A fabric that will bring great quality, elegance and distinction to our costumes:

Y para terminar este repaso, 3 nuevos Jacquard más, aún más exquisitos:

If you have any questions or want more information about our fabrics, consult sales agent or contact our customer service team!.

Please note that our opening hours are Monday to Thursday from 08:00 to 18:00 and Friday from 08:00 to 14:00.

Imagen de portada: Foto de Mika Baumeister at Unsplash

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Home textiles and Christmas decorations

The most special and familiar time of the year is coming soon. A time to get together with family and friends,sit around a table and enjoy long conversations, laughs, songs and food.

For this reason, at Ravial we have prepared a selection of the ideal fabrics to decorate our home,giving it that Christmas touch that we like so much.

Cotton fabrics

We start with 100% cotton fabrics. A novelty of this season that also completes the decoration with glitter.

GUIRNALDA. Reference: 03978/01-0004. Cotton fabric printed with glitter. Design: stars/snowflakes.
GUIRNALDA. Reference: 03978/02-0007. Cotton fabric with star pattern and glitter.
GUIRNALDA. Reference: 03978/02-0101. Cotton fabric with star pattern and glitter.

And if we want an option without glitter, we can opt for our PASCUA model,which comes in new colours and patterns this season.

PASCUA. Reference: 03086/05-0101. Cotton fabric with Christmas star pattern.
PASCUA. Reference: 03086/06-0004. Cotton fabric with Christmas ornaments pattern.
PASCUA. Reference: 03086/07-0701. Cotton fabric with reindeer and tree print. Christmas pattern.

Or you can opt for our classic TUONO model,with which we are also incorporating new designs:

TUONO. Reference: 02692/14-0007. Cotton fabric with geometric pattern of christmas flowers.
TUONO. Reference: 02692/16-0007. Cotton fabric with christmas check pattern.
TUONO. Reference: 02692/15-0004. Cotton fabric with Christmas mistletoe pattern.

To close this selection of cottons, we finish with a new fabric for this season for those who want to escape from the typical Christmas designs, without losing the spirit of the season; YUROK model:

Table linen

During these dates, the table becomes the epicentre of the meetings. And for this, there is nothing better than table linen to match the occasion:

MANTILE. Reference: 03919/01-0101. Canvas fabric - special Christmas tablecloths.
MANTILE. Reference: 03919/02-0004. Canvas fabric - special Christmas tablecloths.

Also, remember that within our printing service, we have available the HM-MARADA. Table linen and the possibility of coordinating matching aprons.

HM-MARADA. Reference: 03813/03-0001. Stain resistant polyester fabric. Christmas patterned tablecloth.
HM-MARADA. Reference: 03813/05-0001. Stain resistant polyester fabric. Christmas patterned tablecloth.
HM-MARADA. Reference: 03813/09-0001. Stain-resistant polyester fabric, for apron. Christmas biscuit pattern. 2 aprons per 1m x 1,50m.

This capsule has been treated with an anti-mache treatmentwhich makes it ideal for these dates.


We close this review of Christmas novelties with two very different items, but which will allow us to decorate our homes.

On one side, we have our patterned polar fleece, GOOFY model, which will allow us to keep the little ones at home warm and cosy, with these Christmas reasons.

GOOFY. Reference: 03822/16-0005. Soft fleece fabric, with children's Christmas print with reindeer and Father Christmas.
GOOFY. Reference: 03822/17-0301.Soft fleece fabric with children's pattern of squirrels, hares and bears.

And to decorate gifts, shop windows, Christmas trees or, basically, any corner we can think of, this season we are introducing a new shiny net fabric; GENOVEVA model..

TULES GENOVEVA. Reference: 04101-0206. Shiny net fabric, not too stiff.
TULES GENOVEVA. Reference: 04101-0507. Shiny net fabric, not too stiff.

If you have any questions or want more information about our fabrics, consult sales agent or contact our customer service team!.

Please note that our opening hours are Monday to Thursday from 08:00 to 18:00 and Friday from 08:00 to 14:00.

Cover image: Image by Freepik

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Dance: Coordinated colours

Over the last few months, regular Danza customers have received communications indicating small variations in the shade of some colours. This is because we were matching the three pillars of dance: the fabrics MESHDANCE, LICRA and MATDULL.

A union that from now on allows us to combine the 3 fabrics indistinctly, allowing us to create unique creations.

We would also like to remind you that our MESHDANCE and LICRA articles can be printed, expanding the combination options.

What do these articles have in common?

The choice of fabrics is fundamental when it comes to making clothes for rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating or ballet.

These clothes must be flexible, durable and allow freedom of movement. For this reason, spandex fabrics are the most recommended, as they provide elasticity and fit perfectly to the body.

In addition, these materials must be breathable in order to keep the comfort during practice.

Image by David Hofmann at unsplash.com

Moreover, it is important to use fabrics that are resistant to friction and wear, as the garments will be exposed to intense and repetitive movements.

And if we are looking for flexible, durable and breathable fabrics that provide comfort and freedom of movement, there is nothing better than our MESHDANCE, LICRA and MATDULL.

What makes them so special?

As we said before, these fabrics are specifically designed for this type of practice. And as a novelty, we have united their colour ranges to be able to coordinate them with each other, generating coherent and matching compositions.

What are the differences between them?

The MESHDANCE is an elastic and soft tulle article, which is mainly used to cover sleeves, backs and necklines of jerseys. Its high elasticity and recovery of movement make it the ideal fabric.

The LICRA and MATDULL fabrics differ from each other because one is glossy and the other is matt. However, both fabrics serve the same purpose.

Image by kirklai at unsplash.com

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