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New colors in dance basics

We continue to expand our range of shades and, in this case, we do it with basics of Dance; the articles MATDULL, MESHDANCE and LICRA.

Meshdance tulle

This is a elastic tulle to recreate transparencies in dance outfits and leotards and we have expanded the offer with 9 new colors.

MESHDANCE. Ref.: 02633-0005 YELLOW
MESHDANCE. Ref.: 02633-0007 GREEN
MESHDANCE. Ref.: 02633-0006 ORANGE
MESHDANCE. Ref.: 02633-0410 MAROON
MESHDANCE. Ref.: 02633-0008 BROWN
MESHDANCE. Ref.: 02633-1003 MALVA
MESHDANCE. Ref.: 02633-0328 MARINO
Young gymnasts training. Image by Freepik

Matdull and Lycra articles

In the same way, we have expanded the colors of our smooth elastic: Matdull and Licra. Two articles that fulfill the same function, but are distinguished by the fact that the first is matte and the second is glossy.


MATDULL. Ref.: 01969-0005 YELLOW
MATDULL. Ref.: 01969-0006 ORANGE
MATDULL. Ref.: 01969-0826 PALE BLUSH
MATDULL. Ref.: 01969-0501 CHAMPAN
MATDULL. Ref.: 01969-1003 MAUVE
MATDULL. Ref.: 01969-1001 AUVERGINE
MATDULL. Ref.: 01969-0410 MAROON
MATDULL. Ref.: 01969-0307 BLUE
MATDULL. Ref.: 01969-0328 NAVY BLUE
MATDULL. Ref.: 01969-0008 BROWN
Rhythmic gymnast isolated on white. Image by diana.grytsku on Freepik


LICRA. Ref.: 00559-1001 AUBERGINE

As requested by our customers, we add a new eggplant color; trend in the last seasons.

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