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Sew and play, you just need to start!

We continue proposing new ideas for our clients, to stay at home playing.

In previous weeks we've talked about how to make carnival decorations or ideas to dress up as a family..

Today we want to introduce you another new idea:

What better than to turn your betroom into the Wild West?

Teepee on Montessori Bed

Or to the infinite space?

These patterns are available on any base,being the most suitable to play:

Patterns to sew and learn

As we advanced in previous weeks, we have developed different patterns, to play while we learn to sew.

HM-PLAY,satinette with a printed pattern. You can get more information here..

HM-PLAY Reference: 03816/02-0001

HM-PLAY, ANTE, in Suede with printed pattern. You can get more information here..

HM-PLAY ANTE Reference: 03820/02-0011

If you have any questions or want more information about our fabrics, consult sales agent or contact our customer service team!

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Ideas for a different carnival

Although this year we won't see large carnval parades, this 2021 we must not give up to Carnival! Whether to go to school, to the office or to dress up as a family, in Ravial we have some ideas:

Fur fabric costume ideas

Werewolf Costume

Images, from left to right:

Ewok Costume

Images, from left to right:

Costume ideas with sequin fabric

Charleston Costume

Images, from left to right:

Princess dress

Images, from left to right:

  • FIESTA ARIELA; Reference: 03489. Knitted fabric adorned with sequins.
  • TUL CISNE; Reference: 03112. Soft tulle fabric.

Also, if you want to see some ideas on decorations with fabrics for Carnival, don't miss this post!

If you have any questions or want more information about our fabrics, consult sales agent or contact our customer service team!

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Decorations with fabrics for Carnival 2021

On these times of pandemic, plans cannot be made. Therefore this upcomming Carnival, will also be altered.

Anyway, although we will not be able to celebrate it as usual, we cannot prevent ourselves from decorating our streets, balconies and shop windows with joyful and festive motifs:

Fabric pennants

Los Fabric bunting is always a simple and easy option to make. A solution that will always give us a cheerful touch to the window or balcony.

For this, it will be enough to use colored scraps:

Although you can also opt for new patterns, designed exclusively for this Carnival:

Giant candies

Another fun idea to decorate streets and patios are these giant Chupa Chups :

A very colorful and fun decoration, made with balloons and tulle fabric:

Among our fabrics, we propose:

Images left to right and top to bottom:

  • CISNEReference: 03112-0701. Soft tulle fabric
  • LILIAN; Reference: 03655-0001. Stretch tulle fabric adorned with colored stones.
  • JOYCE; Reference: 03562-0503. Tulle fabric adorned with pearls and colored pom poms.
  • TORAJA; Reference: 03765-0011. Tulle fabric printed with colored butterflies.

These are times to give free rein to imagination.Therefore, next week we will continue to offer you solutions for this unique Carnival.

If you have any questions or want more information about our fabrics, consult sales agent or contact our customer service team!

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Tejidos para disfraz Disco

Otro de los disfraces más clásicos y demandados son toda la tendencia setentera, concretamente del estilo disco.

Quizás los más representativos serían los ya míticos Abba o Fiebre del sábado noche, por nombrar algunos.

Tejidos discotequeros

A parte su ya característico brillo y colorido llamativo, los años 70 se caracterizaron por pantalones de campana y vestidos cortos y ceñidos.

Ideal tanto para disfraces individuales, como grupales.

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Foamized and padded fabrics

tejido acolchado

Besides Carnival and Halloween, the calendar presents us more opportunities to use foamized and padded fabrics. Like on theatrical play, especially with children's end-of-course.

A kind of fabrics that allows us to give volume to our projects, being able to sew many shapes, such as balls, drink cans or emoticons, among many others.

In Ravial we can foam or padding most of our fabrics. In different thicknesses for foamed or different drawings for padding.

Ask for our servicies!

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Schools preparing CARNAVAL 2019

And everything is ready! Discover our new Carnival fabrics 2019:

BASICO KARNA. Plain satin fabric, similar to our classic MOMO, but with more weight. A multi-use fabric, basic for carnival thanks to its versatility and adaptation, for costumes or decoration. Also available to foam or personal printing. Reference: 03351.Tela básica de rasete para carnaval

FANTASÍA IRIE. Lurex fabric, available in different colors, is another new for this season. Ideal to create costumes, to cover carriages and other fantasies. Reference: 03081.Tela de lures para carnavalFANTASIA JADA. Rigid laminated fabric, available plain or rainbow colors. Ideal for costumes or decorations that require rigid, cheerful and colorful items. Reference: 03313.Tela laminada rígida

FIESTA CONIL. Laminated satin fabric in lurex, also available in gold. A classic fabric of this carnival season, so versatile. Reference: 03356.

Tejido de raso laminado en lúrex

TUL ANAGA. Tulle fabric with thick glitter, ideal for any kind of costume and decoration requiring brightness, elegance and festivity. Reference: 03122.Tul con purpurina

EPOCA PARSIFAL. Velvet fabric printed with glitter, ideal to give a Venetian effect to our carnival. Available in different colors, it is also the perfect solution to theater or opera performances. Reference: 03372.

Tejido medieval de terciopeloDiscover our new Carnival fabrics 2019 here.

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