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Trends Spring/Summer 2021

We start by analysing which colours will be the big winners this season.In addition to grey and yellow, shades that Pantone decreed as the colours of the year, we discover:

Pink, Pastel Pink and Fuchsia

This colour associated with femininity will be the protagonist fortwo-piece ensembles and cocktail dresses.Also in men's fashion,looking for that so called "new masculinity".

The colours that will be trendy. GQ Magazine

It comes in all its versions, although fuchsia,its most striking facet, and pastel pink stand out..

Images left to right and top to bottom:

  • D-MARION FLUORReference: 03828/05-0901.Lamé fabric adorned with another layer of metallic thread. Printed in fluorine ink, animal print..
  • TANGERINEReference: 03749/14-0009. Tricot knitted fabric. Leopard print.
  • TANAReference: 03347-0009. Cotton fabric.
  • TOLOXReference: 03502/07-0901. Printed crepe fabric with lots of drape.

Sky Blue

It seems that sky blue is coming out of the surgical masks and onto the catwalks. It arrives in an optimistic and fresh key to evoke blue summer skies.

Colour Trends Spring/Summer 2021. Harper Bazaar

For this trend, we suggest:

Images left to right and top to bottom:

  • GYMBATHReference: 03817/12-0301. Stretch fabric, especially for swimwear and sportswear. Zebra print.
  • DALAReference: 03472/01-0301. Soft linen and viscose fabric, with lobster print.
  • HARUReference: 02757/48-0301. Cotton fabric printed with small flowers.
  • GUAYABAReference: 03794-0301. Cotton fabric with flower print.

Yellow: from Vanilla to Fluorine

Pantone describes it as "warm, bright and cheerful, generating vibrancy and effervescence". And we couldn't agree more. That's why this year it will triumph in all its shades:

These are the 5 colours that will be trending in 2021. InStyle

This year we're charging up with energy with the following selection:

Images left to right and top to bottom:

  • ECO-BAIKALReference: 03808/03-0505. Printed recycled polyester fabric.
  • JENAReference: 03320/03-0005. Printed linen fabric.
  • KIRAReference: 03722/38-0005. Soft satin fabric. Printed with floral border.
  • GYMFLUORReference: 03825/04-0005. Special fabric for dance or bathing, with camouflage-military print.

Orange: from Rye to Pumpkin

Although it is associated with autumn, this spring orange and especially its more fluorine tones will be the protagonists of our streets.

Fashion Colours Spring-Summer 2021. Godustyle

Following this trend, this is our proposal:

Images left to right and top to bottom:

  • RAIZAReference: 03314/18-0006. Fine gauze fabric with polka dot print, 0.90 cm.
  • ECO-BAIKALReference: 03808/26-0006. Printed recycled polyester fabric.
  • PANSYReference: 02162-0006. Plumeti chiffon fabric.
  • DAMA; Reference: 02291-0617. Drapey crepe fabric. New shade.

Green: Bright and Mint

Many say that the pandemic has brought an awareness and appreciation of nature. Proof of this is a more sustainable fashion and a spring of green shades.

These are the 5 colours that will be trending in 2021. InStyle

And to continue betting on this spring cheerfulness, we propose:

Images left to right and top to bottom:

  • GUAJIRA; Reference: 03314/18-0006. Soft bi-elastic techno-peach fabric, printed.
  • KIRA; Reference: 03722/13-0007. Soft satin fabric printed with polka dots and flowers.
  • GEORGETTE; Reference: 00625-0714. Fine chiffon fabric.
  • VISKONReference: 03331-0710. Stretch viscose fabric.

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